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In the modern era, the competition is getting tough in the market and regardless of your niche, you have to be on top of your strategy all the time. No store can stay in the top ranks if it does not improve over time. Dollar General is among the top chains and is offering DGCustomerFirst.com survey.

Here, we will see all the details, starting with a brief overview of the store. Then, we will consider survey details and who is eligible to be a part of it. Furthermore, we will discuss the rewards and see how you can be a part of them. Finally, we will list Dollar General’s contact details for you.

DgCustomerFirst – Dollar General Store

Dollar General Corporation is an American business chain that has a number of stores. It was first started back in 1939 under the command of J.L. Turner. Today, you will find the headquarters of this business at 100 Mission Ridge which is located in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, US.

Currently, the chairman of the company is Micheal M. Calbers while the seat of CEO is in the hands of Todd Vasos. The store is known for selling numerous items that include clothing and cleaning supplies. They also have a variety of home décor, cosmetics, pet supplies, and other items.

According to an estimate, the company generates revenue of nearly $20.349 billion yearly with its 14,000 stores serving worldwide. The company also has over 130,000 employees. Currently, Dollar General continues to grow even rapidly and to further improve its services for you, Dollar General is taking your feedback through surveys, and is even paying you for it, there couldn’t be a better deal than this.

Dgcustomerfirst Survey Details

Dollar General customer satisfaction survey is available to you at DGCustomerFirst.com. It is there for you to win some seriously decent prizes. We will discuss the rewards in detail below. First, we need to take a look at the boring but very important details, so, don’t miss these out.

The purpose why the company launched this survey was to assure that the clients have a good say about the stores. It will help the business in improving their services and assure that individuals coming to them are served appropriately.

The assessment taken by the business includes various questions. This may include queries about parking and if the space is adequate, finding out about the loading dock, ask people if they had garbage dumpsters, and see if the profitability was acceptable.

The survey is constructed over the ‘EZ Stores’ model. These questions, asked in the dollar general survey, help the owners in finding out if it is easy for individuals to reach out to store and shop conveniently. If not, they would take the criticism and improve their locations accordingly.

Why to take part

The main purpose of this survey as we have discussed is to help Dollar General understand your complaints about its stores, therefore helping it to improve its services for you. This will not only help Dollar General grow but will also improve your experience at its stores. You will feel more comfortable than ever while shopping at is stores.

For taking part in this survey, Dollar General is offering you some incredible gifts, which we will discuss in detail afterward. Being rewarded for doing almost nothing, is an unmissable opportunity.

Dollar General Survey Rules

There are certain rules for completing the dollar general customer survey and you have to satisfy the eligibility criteria to be a part of it.

First, acquire a receipt from a Dollar General store which comes from making a purchase at the store. Anyone who wishes to enter the survey should be at least 18 years old. To be a part of it, you need an active internet connection and a device using which you can browse the website. Employees of Dollar General cannot take part in this survey.

Sweepstakes Rules

If you plan to be a part of a sweepstakes survey, the rules are slightly different. You don’t have to purchase something from there necessarily. Anyone taking the survey should be a resident of the United States or the District of Columbia. The age should be more than 18 years and you are only able to have one entry per period.

Dollar General Survey Rewards

Coming to the part you’ve been waiting for. The part that brought you here. You will not be disappointed with what Dollar General can give you for participating in a survey of a few minutes

If you look to take the survey, you will end up with some decent rewards. We will start with the coupons that are common and worth anywhere between $3 and $15.These are the rewards that you will get no matter what, luck is not required for these coupons. Dollar General won’t let you go empty-handed from its survey.

If you enter the sweepstakes prize draw, you will be able to obtain a $100 gift card as a reward. 4 such cards are given per entry period, and you are allowed only a single entry per period. You cannot get more entries than the ones specified, and unlimited entries are thus not possible. Unfortunately, there are no cheat codes available to do this, however, you can always share your entries amongst your friends and family, if they are willing to do so.

Taking the dollar general DGCustomerFirst.com survey, you have a chance to win a cash prize of up to $1000.This is the highest prize. It is available for the surveys that you enter at the official site of DG. The homepage for taking the dollar general customer survey is www DGCustomerFirst.com. Keep reading our guide if you want to know how to get those thousand dollars.

How to Take Dollar General Customer First Survey?

dollar general customer first survey

Turn on your internet connection and get your hands on a smartphone or a laptop. Make sure that your network connection is working and follow the steps listed below. Your internet connection should be fast and reliable, this is because if you have a slow internet connection there is a risk of your survey code not working, therefore to avoid the chance of winning freebies, make sure your internet is fast enough.

First of all, go to the homepage of the Dollar General survey given above. From there, select the language that you best understand and proceed to the next option. There, you will be asked to put a survey code which is listed on the DG receipt that you obtain upon checkout from the store.

Once you enter the survey code, the system will take a moment to validate it. Upon validation, you will be taken to the survey page. It is where you have to answer the questions that are being asked from you. The best thing you can do is to stay honest and don’t fabricate your answers. It won’t help you in any way. Stick to whatever comes into your mind.

dollar general dgcustomerfirst com survey

Once you complete the answers, you will be asked for contact details. Enter your credentials and you will enter the $1000 cash prize draw and get a chance to win some sweepstakes gift cards. Moreover, you will also end up with some coupons using which you can get discounts on your next purchase from Dollar General.

Contact Dollar General

In case you feel like you need further help, you can contact the support team of Dollar General. For instance, if your survey code isn’t working and you are sure that you followed all the steps correctly, then don’t worry and feel free to contact Dollar General, they would love to help you out. Reach out to them at dollargeneral.com or go for the sweepstakes dollar general survey page at DGCustomerFirst.com.

If you don’t want to use the online contact form, you can call them at 877 463 1553.


If you have been to Dollar General recently, we strongly recommend you to take part in the dollar general DGCustomerFirst.com survey, especially if you are a frequent visitor. It gives you a chance to win a gift card as well as it helps in entering a $1000 cash prize draw. Moreover, you will certainly end up with some coupons that you can use for your next purchases at dollar general and have some discount on your purchases. So, what are you waiting for, stop wasting time and participate in this survey to avail yourself the incredible opportunity to win free money for doing almost nothing?

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