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Old Navy has been with us for quite a while to fulfill our fashion needs. Everyone wants to dress fashionably today, whether it be kids or elderly people. It has all kinds of accessories and clothing varieties; the possibilities are endless. If you were eager to shop from Old Navy, now is the perfect opportunity, as Old Navy is giving 10% off on all products, if you participate in its survey.

Old Navy has also picked up on the idea of surveying their customers to make the most out of their customer’s feedback. They are set to give their customers the best shopping experience by getting the opinion from their previous shopping spree at old navy.

In order to get to know what their customers think about their services, they have launched an online website www.feedback4oldnavy.com

About Old Navy

It’s good to know a few facts about the history of your best shopping destination.

Old navy has been around for more than two decades. Everyone in America once in their life must have shopped from them. Old Navy is an American company dealing with clothes and accessories owned by the famous Gap Inc. It is known for providing fashionable clothing in good quality and at affordable prices. It was founded in 1994 and ever since the company has been able to stand 1,106 stores in all of the United States. Their headquarters is located in San Francisco, California.

Old navy is famous for carrying everyone; men, women, children, infants, and even pets. Old navy is recognized internationally and worn by movie stars also. So whatever they wear, you get to wear it too. THANKS TO OLD NAVY!

Why should you participate?

This question can be simply answered by the fact that Old Navy is offering you 10% off on its products, all just for participating in its survey of just a few minutes. Old navy is already known to provide us with affordable products, and now with this 10% discount, you will be able to get them almost for free. There can’t be a better deal than this. Anyone who wants to dress up fashionably should hurry up and avail of this opportunity.

Additionally, the main purpose of this survey is to gather customer feedback, to help Old navy improve its services. You may be thinking that only the Old navy is benefitting from this, but that’s not the case. This survey will ultimately help you by making your shopping experience at Old navy even better, as Old navy will take problems faced by you at its stores into account. Regular customers are highly recommended to be a part of this survey.

How To Take The Feedback4oldnavy.Com Survey

If you are a regular customer and are optimistic about wining 10% off your next purchase then brace yourself for the old navy customer service survey. Old navy has made sure that this survey is not confusing or difficult in any way for its customers. It would not take more than 10-15 minutes to complete the Old Navy Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Old Navy Feedback Survey Details

In order to fulfill the survey smoothly, one should have the following things beforehand.

  • A mobile device (laptop, tablet PC, Smartphone, etc.)
  • You should be in between the age group 18 or above. If you are under 18, you cannot take the old navy customer survey. However, you can always ask your adults to take part on your behalf.
  • You should be a citizen or legal resident of the United States, Mexico, or Canada.
  • The immediate family members of the company itself cannot participate in this survey.
  • Keep the receipts from your last shopping at Old Navy. Do not lose it otherwise, you would not be able to enter the Old Navy feedback survey.

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Old Navy Survey Steps

old navy customer service survey

  • Visit the official online survey website for old navy.
    Click on feedback4oldnavy.com
  • Select your country from the options (United States, Mexico, or Canada).
  • Select your language from the options. You must know at least one language from these options.
    • English
    • French
    • Spanish
  • Enter the date and time of your visit. (mentioned on receipt)
  • Enter the Old Navy store number you last visited. (mentioned on receipt)
  • Enter the 4 digit transaction number.
  • Enter the 3 digit transaction registration number.
  • It is important that you recheck all the numbers you have entered once so that you don’t face any problems when entering, as all codes should be entered 100% correct.
  • Click Submit.
  • Give your opinion in terms of rating based on your shopping experience. All opinions given should be honest. Don’t be hesitant to share the truth. Honesty matters most in a customer feedback survey.

Type of questions

After you have successfully entered the survey, you will be asked a number of questions that are to be answered truthfully. You might be asked about your experiences at Old navy, and its customer services, as examples of what kind of questions you should be expecting.

Old Navy Survey Prizes

After you have successfully completed the survey, you would receive a validation code (your coupon code). This is your ticket to 10% of your next purchase at any one of the stores of Old Navy.

Use this code at the nearest old navy store to redeem your discount. Keep your code somewhere safe and be sure to use it before the coupon code expires. So, hurry up and go to your nearest Old Navy store.

Old Navy Survey Help

If you do not have access to internet connection or have some other issues due to which you cannot submit your opinion online. You can also give your suggestions, feedback to Old Navy by writing to them and send it to the following address;

Old Navy Customer Relations

6007 Green Pointe Drive

Groveport, OH 43125.

Old navy is always there to help you out with any problems you face regarding the survey.

old navy customer service survey 

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