Kroger Feedback 5000 bonus Fuel Points Survey- An Ultimate Guide


As human beings, we feel different emotions, happy, sad, satisfied, or not satisfied. All these emotions can only be communicated to another human being by “telling” but today we are dealing with a company who not only just wants to satisfy their customers with their products but also want them to experience the best provided in a home-like environment and ultimately leaving with the best.

Kroger Company, America’s second-largest retailer company for whom the customer matters more than the money has thereby held an online public survey to please their customers old or new. In return for filling up their survey which is actually your “feedback” to their services, they are offering/giving away exciting new surprises. If you wish to know what they are then keep on reading.

We all love to be treated in a nice manner when we enter a shopping Centre, we want the staff to be quick and help, we want good customer care and so shall Kroger do it for you. If you want an even better experience at Kroger then participate in this survey as soon as possible after reading this easy guide, and remember to be honest during the survey.

Kroger Company recently launched the online public survey feedback form to know how well they are doing in keeping their customers happy and all the customer has got to do is to go to their website ( and fill-up the form and win exciting prizes after finishing up the form. It’s as simple as that. No one would’ve thought that it would be so easy to get free money.

Before we get into the details that you need to know in order to guarantee yourself a win of fuel points, 5000$ visa gift cards or 100$ grocery gift card, let’s know what is Kroger and why are they doing this survey?

Kroger that was founded in 1883 (134 years ago) in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S has worked over the years in fulfilling the customer’s expectation and has always tried to improve their care for customers and providing them with the best products. Whether you’re in need of household items, grocery items, jewelry, or other first aid products, Kroger has everything for you under one roof! Kroger is currently present in 34 states of the United States and is located at 2,778 places.

It has around 2778 supermarket stores or multi-departments stores in the US. If you are “brand-specific” in either the food department, clinical department, or else then you need not to go very far away. Visit your nearest Kroger supermarket and it shall have it! Yes, Kroger savors 37 food processing facilities.

Kroger also has the largest revenue in the supermarket industry of the United States. It is also home to 453,000 workers.

Why should you take part in this Krogerfeedbacksurvey

There is no point in doing something if it is pointless, even though it takes just a few minutes. If you think that the Kroger feedback survey is like one of those things, then you have mistaken. This survey only has benefits waiting for you, without any disadvantages.

One of the many important reasons for this survey is that you are getting a chance to greatly improve your experience of shopping at Kroger, by giving your honest Kroger feedback. You will help the company look at your complaints and suggestions. Kroger will then work to make things better according to your suggestions. It also worth noticing, that how important an honest feedback is to get a good response from Kroger

Kroger is not only working to improve your experience at its stores, but it is also paying you for it. By offering a chance to win $5000 and many other valuable gifts. One should always try to avail, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities like this one. Continue reading this guide if you took the right decision of participating in this survey.


Let’s talk about the survey now. Basically, the Kroger Company is asking for their customer’s feedback in order to improve their flaws. They have launched an online website filling survey whose link is mentioned down below. The survey begins on 1st January and ends on 31st December 2017. So you have 365 days to make your WIN A GUARANTEE! The best part about this survey is that there are NO LIMITS to applying! As many times you fill-up the form, you increase your chance which is WHAT YOU WANT!. This means you will end up getting the highest prize of a $5000 gift card, who would say no to unlimited freebies. Every time you wish to fill up the survey you would need to provide a new Kroger receipt with the Kroger Survey invitation or Survey Code.

The survey has two language options English and Spanish.

Image 1

English Language Option

Image 2

Spanish Language Option

Now let the battle for the GIFT CARDS BEGIN!

There is only one thing this survey asks from the customers and it is their honest feedback. When the customers would give Kroger their honest opinion about their services, Kroger would definitely load up their loyalty card. It is not compulsory to go to only a Kroger store but also you can go to their family stores which include Ralph’s, Food 4 Less and City Market Food and Pharmacy. This makes it easier not only for you but also increases your chance in earning the $5,000 Gift Card, $100 Grocery Gift Card and 50 Kroger Fuel Points. If you hold up a loyalty card, whenever you win the 50 fuel points, it would be directly loaded into the card which means you might just get to buy yourself something MORE!

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • One receipt or postcard = One entry
    (You can’t use one postcard for multiple entries)
  • The Kroger receipt validity is for seven days so make sure to use in the next 7 days.
  • For more rules, visit
  • This survey includes all the residents of United States i.e. you must be a US citizen.
  • You must be a legal US citizen (excluding New York, Florida & Rhode Island) or District of Columbia.

Below are some pictures of the official Kroger sweepstake rules, to make it even more clear to you.

Image 3(1)Image 3(2) 


To enter the sweepstakes, there are two ways.

1) By mail.

2) Online.

If you choose to enter by mail follow the down below steps;

  • Take a postcard and write your name on it.
  • Your complete address on it. (make sure it is your current address)
  • Your telephone number on it. (active telephone number)
  • Mail it to Customer Survey Monthly Sweepstakes, PMI Station, PO Box 3547, Southbury, CT 06488-3547.

If you chose to go online then follow these steps.

  • Go to official Kroger Feedback website
  • Enter the date, time and Entry ID that is printed on your Kroger receipt.
  • Once you’ve completed the above fields, press “START” and your survey automatically start.

Image 4


Image 5

Enter details in the required section

Remember to use an unused receipt for entering Kroger sweepstakes. The system software will otherwise not allow you to enter.

Now it is all up to you and your feedback! Down below is the list of people who have won fuel points or other grand prizes from this survey. There are 3 types of prizes that Kroger Company gives.

Kroger Feedback Fuel Survey: Win 50 Kroger Fuel Points

If you are a holder of LOYALTY CARD, then this prize is definitely for you. Your loyalty card immediately gets filled with 50 Kroger fuel points when you win the survey. Remember you can enter the Kroger Customer Satisfaction survey as many time as you want, the only thing required for every new entry is a new Kroger Receipt.

$100 Grocery Gift Card

The second big prize apart from those for 50 Kroger Fuel Points you can get from Kroger Company after filling the form/ survey is a $100 Grocery Gift Card. Your chances increase as many times as you enter the survey. So who knows! Maybe the next 100$ grocery gift card is yours!

The procedure to enter the Kroger Customer Satisfaction survey is given above.

 $5,000 Gift Card – Grand Prize

Lastly, the humongous prize for a Kroger Customer who wins is an amazing $5000 gift card. Now that is what I call A GAME CHANGER!

Follow the above guide and get a chance to win this Kroger $5000 gift card.

Down below are some honorable mentions of the people who have won through the Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Kroger Survey Winners

You can go to the official website and see if you’re among the lucky winners or not. Fingers Crossed!

Kroger Survey Sweepstakes Winners

A N. – 0250625 – Delta
Adam B. – 0210946 – Central
Akram K. – 0210922 – Central
Alfred C. – 0290790 – Mid-Atlantic
Allison S. – 260670 – Nashville
Amanda M. – 0350544 – Dallas
Becky M. – 6600006 – Frys
Ben M. – 0340390 – Houston
Betty R. – 0290226 – Mid-Atlantic
Bobby L. – 0260520 – Nashville
Brandon S. – 0250624 – Delta
Brenda P. – 0290391 – Mid-Atlantic
Brenda S. – 0250405 – Delta
Brian H. – 0110402 – Atlanta
Carl H. – 0350695 – Dallas
Carol Van H. – 0290366 – Mid-Atlantic
Carole W. – 0210869 – Central
Carolyn C. – 0210911 – Central
Carolyn M. – 0160820 – Columbus
Cathy C. – 0290350 – Mid-Atlantic
Charles L. – 0110672 – Atlanta
Christine P. – 0110484 – Atlanta
Cynthia C. – 6600033 – Frys
Darral M. – 7010458 – Fred Meyer
Darwin P. – 0180738 – Michigan
David B. – 7060496 – Smiths
Dawn S. – 0210945 – Central
Debbie C. (Grand Prize) – 6600134 – Fry’s Of Arizona, Inc
Diane C. – 7010227 – Fred Meyer
Don G. – 6600057 – Frys
Don H. – 0350518 – Dallas
Donita O. – 6600062 – Frys
Doug T. – 0350570 – Dallas
Dunnea R. – 0290367 – Mid-Atlantic
Elizabeth F. – 0160128 – Columbus
Gail D. – 260683 – Nashville
Gary S. – 0180693 – Michigan
Gayle C. – 0210961 – Central
Gilbert T. – 260523 – Nashville
Gregg O. – 6200099 – King Soopers
Howard S. – 0210677 – Central
Ida C. – 0140836 – Cincinnati/Dayton
Jackie P. – 0250606 – Delta
Jacqueline W. – 0110394 – Atlanta
Janet S. – 0180411 – Michigan
Jaydalia B. – 0110378 – Atlanta
Jean H. – 0140466 – Cincinnati/Dayton
Jeanne M. – 6200003 – King Soopers
Jeffrey F. – 7060121 – Smiths
Jerry L. – 7010236 – Fred Meyer
Jim T. – 0180419 – Michigan
Joanie B. – 0160641 – Columbus
John D. – 0140412 – Cincinnati/Dayton
Justina D. – 6600670 – Frys
Kathryn M. – 0340014 – Houston
Kathy K. – 6200050 – King Soopers
Kim J. – 0290520 – Mid-Atlantic
Kori K. – 6600689 – Frys

Larry McF. – 6150047 – Dillon
Lauren T. – 0900282 – Ruler Stores
Lee Ann D. – 0160901 – Columbus
Linda C. – 260559 – Nashville
Linda W. – 0210990 – Central
Lora S. – 0290355 – Mid-Atlantic
Lucy G. – 0160512 – Columbus
Marianne J. – 7010135 – Fred Meyer
Mauricio J. – 0350533 – Dallas
Mayola G. – 0140907 – Cincinnati/Dayton
Melissa W. – 260599 – Nashville
Michael E. – 0240763 – Louisville
Michael L. – 6200108 – King Soopers
Mildred H. – 7050832 – Quality Food
Molly S. – 0210710 – Central
Monica H. – 0260506 – Nashville
Nancy S. – 0210647 – Central
Nancy S. – 7060185 – Smiths
Paul W. – 0250453 – Delta
Randy C. – 6200443 – King Soopers
Richard I. – 0250413 – Delta
Richard S. – 7060166 – Smiths
Rick B. – 0110482 – Atlanta
Rob T. – 0110410 – Atlanta
Robert F. – 0180888 – Michigan
Robert R. – 0140811 – Cincinnati/Dayton
Ron M. – 7010021 – Fred Meyer
Ron T. – 0210710 – Central
Ronald F. – 0180715 – Michigan
Ronald M. – 6600103 – Frys
S. – 0240758 – Louisville
Sera S. – 0110631 – Atlanta
Shana G. – 6200009 – King Soopers
Sharon R. – 6600699 – Frys
Sharon W. – 0290537 – Mid-Atlantic
Stefanie L. – 0290504 – Mid-Atlantic
Stephen Y. – 0290371 – Mid-Atlantic
Steve E. – 0180638 – Michigan
Steven M. – 7010019 – Fred Meyer


The Kroger Company would either call on your provided telephone number or send an email that you have given in the survey. If both of these fail, then they might send the gift to your postal address. So, you’ll get your free gifts in all cases.

In case you are unavailable or don’t acknowledge your gift card, it will be passed onto another lucky customer. So, stay in touch with the Kroger website and other contacts mentioned, if you want the freebies.

You can also feel free to contact these numbers and websites if your Entry ID does not seem to work, even though you had entered the survey with the right method.

For More Information:

Call: 1-800-576-4377


Mailing Address: The Kroger Co. 1014 Vine Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

The last thing that we would like you to know is that don’t be disheartened if you don’t win. Here what really matters is your feedback and it means much more than just a few points because your opinion would not only help make this company better but as a nation America better! Without wasting any more time, go ahead and participate in this survey, to help both yourself and Kroger.

Kroger Feedback