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Craving for burgers?         Go to McDonald’s
Craving for nuggets?         Let’s go to McDonald’s
Craving for a happy meal? LET’S GO McDONALD’s !

McDonald’s is the answer to all your food wishes. It is the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when they think about delicious burgers and fast food. Now McDonald’s is even offering you free ice cream if you take part in its survey. Who would say no to free ice cream? Fill mcdvoice survey and get delicious ice cream or burger.

Time to check out the McDonald survey!

So McDonald’s’ has been around for as long as one could remember!  From childhood to till date, when the kids don’t like anything to eat at home, they have McDonald’s’ as their backup! Even though now there are tons of rivalries’ fast food chains coming for McDonald’s’, people still can’t get out McDonald’s of their head, believe it or not. To be the best has launched McDonald’s’ customer McDvoice survey (whoa that was a mouthful) or simply McDonald’s’ McDvoice survey.

Before we get into the havoc (not really) of terms you have never heard before, let’s start with McDonald’s and build our way up to McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.


McDonald’s the worlds’ 2nd most renowned fast-food chain was founded in 1940.  The owners of McDonald’s are Richard and Maurice McDonald which started their business from a hamburger stand. They live in California, United States. However, the success of McDonald’s began when Ray Kroc visited the McDonald’s brothers in 1954 and became their franchise agent.

This lead to McDonald’s becoming the most popular fast food restaurant today. The McDonald’s brothers went from owning a hamburger stand to owning 38,600 branches of restaurants, worldwide, with over 1.9 million workers. You can imagine how successful and popular McDonald’s is today.McDonald’s serves up to 60 items which include sandwiches, burgers, nuggets, wraps, breakfast items, and every possible soft drink along with milkshakes and smoothies as well. The possibilities are endless.

If you just want to get to the part where the actual McDonald’s survey starts, you can scroll down to the end of the page.

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Now obviously, not everyone can give feedback on all items but for the items you have tried, McDonald’s has launched McDvoice online survey which is important for them. The purpose of this McDonald’s customer survey or McDonald’s service survey is to get back to you with healthy and tastier food, fast service, and reasonable deals. All of this can only be achieved when you take the time out for McDonald’s voice online survey.

For McDonald’s your time and feedback at McDonald’s voice survey is of great value in becoming number 1 in the exotic taste of fast food in all of the world.

Why should you enter this survey?

A simple answer to this question will be delicious free food, free ice cream, and a chance to win $1000, all for just taking part in a survey of just a few minutes. Who would want to miss this opportunity?

However, this is not the only reason. Essentially, this survey’s purpose is to gather feedback on your McDonald’s experience and use that to improve McDonald’s facilities and services according to your needs. The problems you face at McDonald’s will be taken into account, and McDonald’s will make sure that you no longer face them when enjoying your mouth-watering fast food. So, don’t waste any more time and take part in this survey, as soon as you can.

Ways to get into McDonald’s Customer Survey

The McDonald’s customer survey or better known as McDonald’s voice online survey or or-or as McDonald’s guest survey (all of these are the same thing) takes place two ways:

  1. In the restaurant by a waiter/waitress.
  2. At

If you don’t want anyone to interrupt your meal then you can go for the customer McDvoice survey option. McDvoice survey is an online survey portal designed by McDonald’s for their customers to get their feedback.

In order to get into the survey, you first are required to keep the bill receipt (it can be called the golden McDonald’s survey receipt, for fun) with you. HOLD ONTO YOUR GOLD!!!!!

Your billing receipt is very important for this McDonald’s’ receipt survey as it has your survey code. The survey code is mentioned on the top of the receipt. Click on the link below to get started with the McDvoice survey

Things you need to know before filling McDvoice survey:

  • A person with good understanding of the language. The languages used are English and Spanish.
  • A strong internet connection so that you can fill the form with ease and complete it as soon as possible. This is also important so that you eliminate the risk of losing your survey code when entering it on the site.
  • One person is limited to one offer only. Unfortunately, you cannot get unlimited offers, the software used in the survey will not allow you to do that, there are no cheat codes available. However, you can always share survey codes with your friends and family.
  • You can participate in the survey 5 times a month.
  • 13 years and above can participate in this survey.
  • McDonald’s does not allow its employees and their immediate family members to fill out the survey.
  • The survey and rewards is valid only in Canada and USA.

How to start with the McDonald’s survey?

  • Go to or click on link given above.
  • Choose your preferred language ( Spanish or English).
  • Enter the 26 digit survey code mentioned on top of the receipt. Recheck the code once, to ensure that it is correct, otherwise, you will not be able to enter it.

McDVoice survey

  • Answer all the questions. The survey only takes 10-15 minutes. Give honest answers to every question, otherwise, the survey is pointless. Do not be hesitant to share any inconveniences experienced by you at McDonald’s.
  • After completing the survey, the McDvoice would give you a validation code.
  • Write that code somewhere safe (most likely on your receipt).
  • Take that receipt to the McDonald’s you went and get yourself in the run of winning 1000$ and free food.
  • Use the receipt before it expires.

How to Complaint Mcdonald’s

If you are facing any problems regarding the survey, and are not able to enter or complete it, even after making sure that you have correctly followed all the steps mentioned, then contact McDonald’s customer services. They are always ready to help you out.

That is all we have from McDonald’s survey today. Fill the McDvoice survey today and you can be the one with a 1000$ tomorrow. I’m lovin’ it!!

McDvoice Survey