Complete Guide to Take Part in McDonald’s Satisfaction Survey


Another undeniably amazing survey deal from McDonald’s is available for you. If you were thinking about getting free food lately, then read our guide to getting McDvoice free sandwich. You won’t regret reading our guide when you take a bite of that tasty, yet healthy sandwich, and after receiving many more prizes.

Once again we are here to teach the regular customers of McDonald’s the whole procedure of filling up the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey (using/on

So, if you have missed anything on our previous in-depth information about how to complete the McDonald’s Customer Survey (a.k.a McDvoice Customer Survey), then keep on reading!


The world’s second largest food chain started in 1954 with the help of Ray Kroc who was a native Chicagoan. Ray Kroc (a multi-mixer salesman himself) paid a visit to the McDonald brothers back in 1954 and made their idea of hamburgers into a worldwide phenomenon.  He became their franchise agent.

So, if there is anyone person you would like to thank for the rest of your life it is, Ray Kroc. The person who took McDonald’s to the next level, and now it has become one of the most popular food chains among all ages.

Currently, more McDonald’s restaurants have been built as compared to hospitals, for you to enjoy tasty fast food, at every corner of the street, and these famous fast foods, are even available for free with the help of survey code. Here are some facts about the history of this food giant, if you want to learn more about Ray Kroc.


Ray Kroc helped the brothers open their first Restaurant in April 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois.


In a two-year span, McDonald’s had grown in the United States. It had a total of 700 branches all over the country.


For 2.7 million $ the McDonald’s brother sold their rights to McDonald’s System Inc.


Filet-o-Fish was introduced in the national menu made by Lou Groen.


Big Mac was also added to the national menu introduced by Jim Delligatti.


More burger variety was added including Quarter Pounder with and without the cheese.


Fast forward to the present

At present, McDonald’s is operating in 38,600 branches located in over 100 countries worldwide. It is also home to over 1.9 million workers from all over the world. Due to its delicious fast food that you are about to get for free, this food chain is now a $150 billion company.

What Is McDvoice Survey?

Well, most of you already can tell by the title that what is going to go down here. But for those who don’t know what exactly is this McDvoice or here is a complete rundown on—McDonald’s Customer Survey.

Basically, McDonald’s is trying to improve their quality of food; taste, and delivery service for which they need their sole customers to give them their honest and valuable feedback. To improve your McDonald’s experience and accomplish this, they have launched an online survey (visit

On this website, you would be presented a form which is called McDvoice- McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Before going to McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey on, you need to have a few things to qualify for this survey,if you are wondering that this survey will be hard to qualify for as you are getting freebies then you shouldn’t worry as anyone can easily enter this, and McDonald’s loves to gift its customers.

To find out, please keep on reading.

How to Enter McDonald’s Customer McDvoice survey

Time to use all the McDvoice codes for this McDonald’s Mcvoice survey.

Now there are two ways to enter this survey;

  1. When you visit McDonald’s and are dining in then a waiter/waitress would ask for your feedback there at the place on their tablet. This one is recommended if you frequently visit McDonald’s.
  2. An easier way is to come back home and Google the survey to enter and give your full feedback while resting at your home.

Rules to participate in McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey

For those who prefer the latter option, you would need the following things.

  • Keep the McDonald’s S survey receipt ( survey receipt) you get after you checkout from the counter or drive thry.

Regard this receipt as a ‘Golden Ticket’ to free food.  One of the purposes of this McDonald’s survey is to give their customers who give their lovely feedback some free food. McDvoice free food is going to be the latest trend may be, you never know about the Internet, girl!. Even if it doesn’t become an internet trend, who would miss those juicy burgers and fresh sandwiches for no cost at all.

  • This McDonald’s survey receipt contains your 26 digit survey code, located at the top of your survey receipt.
  • Make sure you have strong Wi-Fi for this (McDvoice Wi-Fi survey) before you fill the form. So there is no risk of your survey code getting lost.
  • From age 15 to above can participate in this month. But all the younger people shouldn’t worry as you can always ask an adult to fill the form for you.
  • You can participate 5 times a month in this McDonald’s Satisfaction Survey. This means you get to eat a McDvoice free sandwich and many other fast foods, at least once every week.
  • This survey is not eligible for McDonald’s employees or their family members.
  • Residents of the United States and District Columbia are eligible to apply in this survey. McDvoice Site is for?

After reading all the exhausting but important details, let’s move on to the site.

  • Go to surveys.
  • There you have two language options;
    • English (visit English)
    • Spanish (visit Española)
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Enter the survey code mentioned on your McDonald’s Survey Receipt.
  • Now you have successfully logged into McDvoice login.
  • Enter the time and date of visit.
  • Enter the restaurant and store number/ name.
  • At the end of the survey, you would be provided with a validation code that keeps your offer validated for the next 30 days of free food.

Fill in as many surveys at and get promo codes and save some penny on your next visit to the store.

McDonald’s Cheat Codes

Well, there is no such thing as McDonalds’ cheat codes to get free food. The McDVoice survey system provides a unique coupon code every time which is already fed in their system so there is no chance in hell you can loot freebies more than the times of survey you have filled. But you can always share those free foods with your friends and family.

McDonald Survey Prize & Rewards at

Now let’s talk about the good stuff at McDonald’s Customer Service, after you completed the survey and the franchise has received the feedback you have automatically registered yourself for freebies and money, read below.

You can win the following prizes after completing the survey at

  • You would be provided with a McDonald’s’ survey coupon code after you have submitted the McDonald’s Customer Service questionnaire. Use this code next time you visit McDonald’s for getting mouth-watering free food (Sandwiches, Free Quarter Pounder with cheese, etc). This survey can be regarded as free food at McDonald’s survey
  • By filling up as many surveys (5/ month), you can win a grand prize of $1000.
  • Monthly $100 given.
  • Daily 25$ coupon.

For More Surveys Click Here

McDonald’s Survey Customer Services Complaint

If you have any complaints regarding the survey such as;

  • The provided McDonald’s’ survey coupon code (a.k.a McDvoice coupon code) is not valid.
  • If you are the monthly winner and have not yet received your amount.

Please don’t worry and contact the McDonald’s authorities to let them know your comments and complaints about McDonald’s survey.

Contact McDonald Customer Care Number

MCDVOICE UK Contact Details:

McDonald Boston: +44 1205 361307 (24/7)

McDonald’s Edinburgh: +44 131 2226 3872

 MCDVOICE USA Contact Details:
McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald’s Dr
Oak Brook, IL 60523
United States

(Toll-Free): 1-800-244-6227


Hopefully, you have understood how to enter the McDvoice survey, by reading our step-by-step guide. So, what are you waiting for, go to and get yourself a McDvoice free sandwich and much more? Although you will also be helping McDonald’s improve your experience at its restaurants, there isn’t a better win-win situation to find.

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