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About Mybkexperience:

Burger King is an American restaurant and it has its wide chain globally. This is a survey done by Burger king to know about the level of satisfaction the customers are having from the services offered by it. Mybkexperience is an online survey based on simple questions which will help Burger king in evaluating their brand’s image. The bk feedback got from the survey helps to evaluate customers’ satisfaction.

All about Burger King

There are a few things everyone should know about their favorite fast food destination.

Burger King has been with us to provide us with mouth-watering fast food for quite a while now. Burger King first started in Miami back in 1954 by James W. McLamore and David Edgerton. However, some sources date Burger King back to 1953. After selling their first franchises in 1959, Burger King began to grow internationally.

Since then it has transformed into the second largest food chain and has over 14,000 stores located in 100 countries. Almost everyone visits Burger King and enjoys their delicious burgers. Burger King specializes in flame-broiled burgers, and has endless fast food dishes on its menu, with the signature product named the Whopper, which we all have heard about.

Like all other companies, Burger King has also opted to the idea of surveying their customers to utilize customer feedback in the best way possible, so that it can recognize its disadvantages and improve them to make your Burger King experience even better. However, Burger King is also offering you freebies in return for taking part in its survey, unlike most other companies. Waste no more time and quickly read how to enter this survey.

Why should you enter this survey?

You must be wondering if this survey is worth your time or not, the answer to that would be, yes. It is worth every single minute took to complete it.

One reason for this is the rewards offered by Burger King in return for taking part in this survey, which takes only a few minutes. What more could you ask for? Who would deny the signature Whopper of Burger King? So, if you are keen enough to understand how incredible this deal is, then go ahead and take this simple survey.

However, the main and most important reason to take this survey is not the reward. If you are a regular customer of Burger King or have visited it, then this survey is highly recommended for you. Burger King will use your feedback to improve its services according to your needs. You will have the best experience eating that delicious and free Whopper.

Submission of Mybkexperience Survey

My BK Experience

There are some simple steps that you need to follow for the successful submission of the online survey:

  • Visit the online website of mybkexperience.
  • You must be having your bill receipt of burger king when you last visit it, it contains the restaurant number, enter that number on the website page.
  • Select the language that you’d better understand.
  • Go on to the next page and enter the 20 digit code which is printed on your receipt.
  • Begin the survey and answer every question depending upon your experiences.
  • Complete the survey and enjoy an amazing offer with the validation code that you will get once the survey is done.

Basic requirements for participation in mybkexperience survey

Only the customers of burger king having a receipt of it can fill the survey. Customers who want to enjoy the tasty meals must try Burger king once. The offer of free burger and free whooper is attracting the customers and customers sometimes for the sake of getting this offer to fill the burger king customer satisfaction survey.

Anyone who wants to have access to the online survey of burger king must be having a bill receipt of burger king which contains a survey code based on 20 digits. Other than the receipt, the customer should be having a laptop or a PC to be a part of the online survey. Without having the bill receipt no one could take part in this survey. Sometimes it happens that customers forget to take the receipt from the cashier or sometimes throw it away.

But if you want to avail of the free offer and want to will the online survey must have a bill receipt with mentioned code on it. You need to have a strong internet connection so that the survey doesn’t take much time to complete. Another important thing is that one receipt could be used for one MK survey. You cannot re-participate in a survey with the same old receipt.

Mybkexperience survey’s regulations

Once when you have decided to fill in the online survey, it becomes essential for you to have a clear understanding of the rules and regulations of this online survey. Knowing the rules could also help the customers in analyzing the limitation of the MK survey. Having a better understanding of the rules can increase the efficiency of the survey and customers could complete the survey easily in less time.

No re-participation in survey

You can’t re-participate in the bk survey with the same old receipt that you have once used. If you want to take part in the survey again, you need to visit burger king once more and have a bill receipt.

Survey’s Limitation

The candidates are not allowed to re-participate in the survey even with a new receipt within the 30 days you have participated for the first time. The Mk survey’s prize is not obtainable for the staff and the staff’s family. There is no age limit to fill the survey, yet the children under age 13 if want to fill in the survey, must do it under their parent’s supervision and guidance.


Once you have completed my burger king experience survey and have received the validation code, the company gives you the time to claim your reward. This time span is normally within 30 days after you have done the survey. After 30 days, the validation code will expire and you won’t get any offer. So, get your reward as soon as possible, without wasting any time.

Directions for the participants of Mybkexperience Survey

Burger King survey is very easy to do and it doesn’t involve any complexities. You should just remain honest while filling in the survey and have a receipt so that it becomes easy for you to get the rewards from Burger King.

First, open your browser and visit website, but before that, make sure that your internet connection is fast enough, so you can complete the survey with ease without any difficulties. Once you are on the home page of the website, select the language that you can better understand to fill in the survey.

There would be the restaurant code written on the receipt slip. Enter that code on the website and you would be shifted to the next page. Enter the 20 digits survey code mentioned on the slip. Remember to recheck all the numbers you have entered, as there is a possibility of them being incorrect. Then you would be redirected to the survey page. Answer the questions based on your experiences at burger king.

Once you have given the answers to all the questions, you will be granted a validation code and by this, you can claim your reward from burger king within the 30 days you have received the code. This is how you can get a reward by completing a free whooper survey.

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Nature of Questions in Mybkexperience survey

Once completing the basic requirements, you will be redirected towards the burger king customer survey page and there would be some basic questions asking you about your experience at BK. Those questions which would be asked in the survey would be of a general nature related to the taste, services, environment, and quality of the BK restaurant.

Be sure to answer these questions with honesty, and don’t be hesitant to share any inconveniences experienced by you at Burger King restaurants.

Participants of Online customer satisfaction Survey

People who are the customers of Burger King can be the participant of Burger King online survey as having a bill receipt is necessary to enter the BK online survey. People who want to take part in the survey must be having a receipt, a laptop or PC, and a stable internet connection.

The efficient way to complete MyBkexperience survey

You just need to follow some basic steps to complete the bk experience survey fast and to gain a good offer from burger king in form of a free burger or whooper.

  • Turn on your PC, enter into the website
  • Enter the restaurant number mentioned on the receipt which you got on your last visit to burger king.
  • Select the best understandable language.
  • Enter the 20 digit survey code mentioned on the slip; also enter the time of your visit if necessary.
  • You will be directed to the survey page, answer all of the questions based on your experience.
  • At the end of the survey, you will get a validation code.
  • Note the code somewhere safe and claim your reward to BK within 30 days.


Burger King is a global restaurant operating in almost all parts of the world providing high-quality food at affordable prices. Burger King is conducting a survey regarding Customer Satisfaction. The survey Mybkexperience is done online and everyone participating in the survey would get a free deal from Burger King.

Mybkexperience Survey