Take MyKFCexperience Survey & Win Big From KFC


So, when one hears the letters K-F-C together, there is only one full form of this abbreviation people can quickly think of and that is KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN.
Who doesn’t know about KFC? If there is anyone, who is on the list, first of all, WHAAAAAAATTTTT? BUT HOW?
WERE YOU LIVING UNDER A ROCK? No offense. But whoever you are you need to catch up!


KFC started its journey with its secret recipe maker Colonel Sanders who was also the actual founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, the white old man you see in with KFC logo, and the man who you should be grateful to for providing you with the most mouth-watering crispy fried chicken available on the planet. Colonel Sanders found his passion for cooking when he was only 9 years old.

He worked continuously for many years and at last in 1952 he opened his first franchise in America. With the blend of 11 herbs, the secret special recipe reached the world as time went on and now KFC is the world’s 4th largest fast-food restaurant in the world and first in making delicious fried chicken. Currently, KFC is valued at $8.5 billion, you can imagine how much people demand KFC, by looking at the numbers. There are over 23,00 KFC restaurants located in 150 countries worldwide.

KFC has transformed into a food giant from a small restaurant in America. KFC is also home to over 100,000 employees, who are preparing the fried chicken that pleases your taste buds the most.

Fried Chicken is the trademark of KFC and today the time has come to tell KFC about your KFC experience.KFC is now collecting your valuable feedback, to improve its services according to your needs and opinions, simply by asking you to participate in its survey, and the best thing is that you even get free food from KFC.


Time to take myKFCexperience survey!

So, to know what’s the fuss is all about. You first need to go to KFC. Yeah, you heard me. If you want to enter in this myKFCexperience survey you have to go to KFC and remember to keep the receipt with you till the end.

KFC surveys can be taken around the world wherever there is KFC. It is not restricted to any specific country.

KFCexperiencesurvey is better known as myKFCexperiencesurvey has others names as well such as the KFC feedback survey. As the name depicts, for KFC, your opinion about their taste, quality of food, and restaurant service matter the most. For KFC, its customers matter the most, as their feedback helps bring the best out of their KITCHEN.So, remember to give honest answers during the survey, and don’t be hesitant to share any inconveniences experienced by you at KFC.

Why take part in this survey?

No one wants to waste their time on anything even if it takes just a few minutes. However, the KFC feedback survey will not waste your time at all, it is worth every minute took to complete it. KFC feedback survey benefits you in two significant ways.

Essentially KFC’s feedback survey is made by KFC to gather the feedback of KFC customers, and take their complaints into account so that KFC can improve its services for you, the next time you visit its restaurants. Most of us have either visited KFC or are frequent customers, so if you want to enjoy that juicy and crispy fried chicken even more, then make it a better experience for you by participating in this survey.

Another reason for you to enter this survey is free food. Who would waste an opportunity to get free food from KFC? After you complete this survey and give you honest feedback, KFC will give you a coupon, which you can use to get free food later on.

How to enter myKFCexperiencesurvey?

  • Go to your nearest KFC.
  • Order food.
  • Keep your latest receipt with you.

Your receipt is your asset for the day. It contains the time and survey code that you need to have when you enter for KFC ONLINE SURVEY.

myKFCexperience survey

  • Click the link below to enter the KFC survey website.
  • When you are done with your KFC customer survey, you will be provided with a coupon code and ALAS!



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Type of questions

After you have successfully entered the survey, you will be asked a number of questions regarding your experience at KFC. Questions might refer to customer services and food taste. Remember to give your honest opinion during the survey.

Terms and Conditions

  • You must be a lawful citizen of the respective country.
  • Your age should be either 18 or above to enter the KFC guest customer survey.
  • You must have a strong internet connection to complete the KFC feedback survey online
  • As told earlier, your latest KFC receipt should be with you at the time of the survey.
  • The receipt should be valid. Check your receipt for the survey code (at the bottom of the receipt).
  • Follow the steps on the website to reach your free FRIED CHICKEN.


If you follow the below-written steps correctly and still face problems in entering or completing the survey, then keep calm, and contact KFC for help. Don’t worry you will still get the fried chicken you’ve been thinking about.

Instructions for KFC customer survey

  • Go to the official website of the KFC survey.
  • Please carefully go through the privacy policy before you start filling out the KFC guest customer experience.
  • Type in your 18 digit-letter code (17 digits and 1 letter) present at the bottom of your KFC receipt.
  • Type in the time of your visit to KFC. It should be present above the survey code on your KFC receipt.
  • The 2nd last step is to enter the KFC ticket number which is also written on the KFC receipt.
  • Click start and begin your KFC online feedback survey.
  • After the last question is answered of the KFC guest experience survey, you will receive a validation code.
  • Enter the validation code (write it on your receipt as well) and only then close the survey.
  • The validity of your validation code is for the next 30 days then your visit from KFC.
  • You can only use it from where you bought the KFC last time if you used their receipt.
  • This is not for the workers of KFC.

It only takes a couple of minutes to fill MyKFCExperience survey. So lets’ hope to make KFC more finger lickin’ good