USPS Customer Satisfaction Survey- Share Your Feedback and Help USPS Further Improve Its Service.


USPS is an excellent service that focuses on providing efficient services to its clients. It focuses on the dual sides of the mail, including recipients and the senders, and works in both ways to make the postal service much better. USPS has settled a goal to get friends and families combined with the help of its postal services.

To provide the customers a complete record of services and to keep complete track of the services provided by the USPS, it has formed a survey portal https // for the customers of USPS. Filling the postal experience com pos survey takes no much time and is easy to fill.

You can open the portal by yourself and share your views based on your experience. Remember that don’t be biased while you are filling in the survey. This survey is conducted online and it doesn’t hold any difficulties for the client.

This means that you are totally dependent on how you share your views and what you say should be totally based upon your experience with USPS. You are free to share what you feel about the provision of these efficient services and how you perceive USPS as a postal service provider. You are also free to give suggestions regarding anything you feel like changing or is necessary for the improvement in the service providence of USPS.

You are also independent to share your complaints if you have any regarding the services of USPS. You can give recommendations and suggestions that will be helpful for the USPS to lead itself towards success road and you are also free to make complaints regarding any aspect which you think to be changed and improved.

All these details, suggestions, and recommendations are necessary for USPS. In case, you have some parcel misplaced due to the negligence of USPS, you can also register your complaint on the online https //postal survey.

While filling in the survey at postal experience com poswe would just like to mention how important it is that you are giving us your time and patience. Not only are you taking time out of your day, but you are doing so to help us in the most altruistic of ways.

The information which you fill out in the survey can go a long way in improving the USPS service and making it more user-friendly for the customers who use it on a daily basis. Not only is this going to affect your experience with the company, but the general population is going to benefit from your feedback.

Requirements for USPS survey

Following mentioned are some of the requirements and without them, you can’t complete the postal experience survey successfully.

  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection
  • Have an electronic device i.e. laptop, PC, or cell phone
  • You must be having your receipt bill of USPS otherwise you can’t be a part of the survey.

About United States Postal Service

USPS is not a new or a recent institution. Yet it is working for decades and providing its extraordinary services to clients. USPS has been started in 1775 and it is a public sector that was first made for the purpose of assisting the general public in sending and receiving their emails. USPS was made to provide ease to the public in sending and receiving their emails. The United States Constitution maintains USPS and it tries its best that the USPS keeps on working well and fast.

It assures that USPS works better for the fast delivery of mails not only within the US but also in the connected states. USPS has different rates for shipping and varied delivery charges based on the distance of location and other important factors which are applied to each of its customers.

According to a survey that was conducted in the year 2014, there was a total of 211,264 mails which the company operated across the whole nation, and in 2016 the number of employees in USPS was 625,113. Not only this, but it has also been into the new latest technology in all of its services due to which the systems and the processes of USPS are updated.

The competition in the market is strictly high and in those scenarios too, USPS finds a way to make its platform better by applying various innovative technologies in its operations.

Therefore, since the company is one which is etched in the history of the United States, it needs to take into account the opinions of the people who are using the service. Over the years the institution has evolved and made new changes according to the norms of the economy and society

This is an example of that change. The company takes these surveys very seriously, honest opinions of the company on https //postal going to ensure that they continue to serve the people with excellence as they have been doing for more than 200 years.

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Rewards and Benefits of USPS Survey

Once you have provided all the necessary information to the USPS postal website, after answering to the questions you are registered to for the benefits and you can get a chance of services like Postal Holidays which is the new method employed by this online portal.

How to participate in the survey

If you really want to be a part of the survey of USPS, you can follow these easy steps to complete your survey without any complications.

postal experience com pos

  • Make sure that you have the receipt slip of your visit and purchase at the United States Postal Service.
  • A language selection option will pop up on the screen and select the language which is best for you to understand to complete the surveys for money.
  • Click on the button ‘next’.
  • The server will now demand the zip code from you, enter the zip code written on the slip. Enter it carefully so that there is no chance of mistake.

postal experience survey

  • The server will ask you about the location of USPS where you made the purchase. Date when you made the purchase will also be needed.
  • You will be directed to the survey. Answer all the questions honestly based on your personal experience.
  • At last, submit the online surveys for money and you are done.

Useful information for the survey

You can do the survey with ease and comfort by taking a look at the following steps:

  • Visit the customer experience survey page for better assistance.
  • Select the language which you can understand better.
  • Enter the login id and password.

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USPS Contact

If you face any issues regarding the provision of services by the USPS or if you are finding trouble filling in the survey you can contact the USPS team through their help desk or by calling on 888-878-7402. You are sure to get help on this helpline.

With some of the best customer support you can find, they will be willing to tend to whatever queries and complaints which you might have in mind. Give them a call if you ever need the support of any kind. The online customer support representatives have been trained to handle the majority of cases all the while maintaining a strict level of professionalism while on a call with you.


USPS is an old and extraordinary efficient postal services provider which is providing its amazing services for customers around the US. USPS has also made technological improvements and launched innovations to maintain sustained in this tough era of competition and for this purpose, it has introduced a postal experience com pos survey to get help from the customers and to get good suggestions.

We cannot urge you enough to how thankful we are for the time which you have taken out in order to complete the survey. As we mentioned earlier, not only will this go a long way in improving the service for your own use but the general public can benefit from consumer information as such.

Your postal experience posis going to help the American public ensure that a company like this does not lose out to the other competitors in the market. As the original postal service in the country, a level of experience of the others can be seen with USPS. Hence the reason they take into account consumer opinion. Your opinions on the survey are valued more than you could ever know.

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  1. I sent out to envelopes on Dec 13 that I had weighed bought a book of stamps sent those out those envelopes made it the two envelopes I had weighed still haven’t made it I sent them from Okeechobee, Florida to Fremont, Ohio they had my families Christmas gifts in them.

  2. At Kyle’s post office location .. Is a particular employee named Jazzy that she is super friendly , helpful and professional.She makes your day super awesome Thank you Jazzy 😊

  3. I mailed my daughter’s Birthday package, Sat Jan 19, Priority Mail, from Baxter Lane Po Bozeman MT, 59715. To Seattle, WA.
    It us now a week later. I am not happy. It has not been delivered yet.
    I have been tracking it, and get info from Jan 23, and it is now the 26. What is happening???
    It is well addressed, in Permanent Sharpie.
    It was sent in plenty of time to get there for her B/Day today.
    tracking #….9505811625249019536829

  4. I want to say how welcoming and helpful the postal workers are in the Plover, WI office. They are always smiling and willing to talk as they do thier tasks. I have never had any issues at this post office. Tell them Thank you!

  5. The main Post Office in Carson City has great staff and my experience is usually simple with the exception of some wait periods. Today, however, I spent several minutes attempting to use the new self-service station to mail a package. I gave up after trying different ways to input my data and having no action in response. As I walked to the postal waiting line I wished the 2 people waiting “good luck!” With the old machine I could quickly accomplish mailing packages when the line was long or when the Post Office was closed. Hoping for improved Self-Service!!

  6. This is ridiculous! I’m trying to complete your customer service survey.

    But, there’s no link to https://postal Where is your survey???????

    • Dear Peter!

      please remove the space in the url and try again with the same url you will see the survey website.

  7. re: 9505 5137 5133 9099 4560 36
    Sent a package from Utica Mi on 4/9 @ 1pm never even made it to Detroit till 9/13 @ 12:12 am. 4 days to cover 30 miles. At this rate my grandsons Easter gift will arrive in Maine by Christmas

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