How to Participate in JCPenney Survey to Win $500 Gift Card- An Ultimate Guide


So what better way to start New Year than to get your hands on gift cards worth 500$ that too from the USA’s top departmental store!

Yes, you heard us right! JCPenney has called out on its regular and new customers to a chance of winning thousands of gift cards worth $500 that only just by completing their customer satisfaction survey held at its official website. What could be a better deal than this, continue reading this ultimate guide if you want to buy $500 worth of goods from one of the best stores in the US. What could be a better deal than this, continue reading this ultimate guide if you want to buy $500 worth of goods from one of the best stores in the US.  (

About J.C. Penney

J.C. Penney stores also written as JCPenney is a department store founded in the US on April 14, 1902, although JCPenney wasn’t its original name, the original name was “The Golden Rule”.This store was started by a guy who first started a butcher business. Starting with James Cash Penney who is the actual founder of JCPenney (sounds suit). He started with stores in downtown areas and after a struggle of 50 years landed on big malls. As of today, there are 864 locations of JCPenney in almost 49 states around the U.S.This company also has over 95,000 employees and it is worth over $7.7 billion.

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JCPenney Survey Prizes


Now before moving on to the boring part, which consists of the rules and regulations of filling up the online survey of JCPenney? Let’s look at the rewards prior to survey filling. The part for which you are here for.

  1. $500 Gift Card

This one is called IN FOR THE BIG, truly. A customer entering the JCPenney survey has the chance of winning $500 gift card which he/she can use to buy items they have been wishing for.

  1. 15% Off Coupon

This one can be called SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING COUPON. If you just simply enter the survey, you are automatically given a 15% OFF coupon which you can utilize on your net purchase from JCPenney.
So generous of JCPENNEY! Ah.

Why take this survey

An important question with an obvious answer, which you have probably understood by now. In case you haven’t, let us guide you on this too.

The main reason to enter this survey is to help JCPenney stores improve their services for you, so you have a better and more comfortable experience at shopping from its stores, so, if you do take this survey, which is the best decision, then remember to give honest feedback.

Another important reason is that you will have an amazing opportunity to get a free $500 gift card and a 15% off coupon, at the USA’s most popular and trusted stores. If you ever saw something you couldn’t buy from JCPenney, then now is the perfect opportunity to save money on it or even get it for free using that $500 coupon, if you’re lucky enough to get it.

Take the JCPenney Survey

JCPenney has asked its customers to come forward with their experience of the store in the form of a survey. You are required to fill a survey based on a different question related to stores, staff, etc. Provide your honest experience in exchange of a sure 15% OFF coupon and if you are lucky enough you might win the $500 gift card as well.

You need your JCPenney receipt in order to enter this survey. To further know, what you need before filling out this survey. Please read on,

JCPenney Customer Survey Rules & Requirements


Now for the boring but important part, as this will show you how to actually get all those freebies. Don’t miss out on this, if you really want that $500 gift card for free.

          Let’s take into account the rules and eligibility criteria for JCPenney Feedback Survey. Follow these rules in order to maximize your chances of winning. But don’t worry these rules aren’t that hard to follow. It’s almost as if you did nothing but still got a 15% off coupon and a chance to win a $500 gift card. Read on to know more about the rules.

JCPenney Customer Survey Rules

  • This survey is open for the residents of fifty United States and District Columbia or Puerto Rico.
  • Customers should be (18) eighteen years of age or older. However, the younger people can participate on behalf of an adult.
  • One receipt against only one entry is allowed. Customers trying to enter the survey with the same receipt shall not pass through the survey. So shop as much, gets hands-on many receipts so you can get that 15% OFF more and more while increasing your chances of winning big too (a.k.a 500$)
  • The JCPenney survey starts on the 1st of every month and continues throughout the whole month; giving its customers a complete and relax chance of winning. So don’t hassle and rush. Keep calm and go shopping spree whenever you feel like in the month and come back to fill the survey.
  • You should have a strong internet connection while you fill out the survey. Why so? Because if the internet connection is slow, the survey might get stuck and your access code may not work when you refresh it.
  • You should have a mobile device, tablet, iPad, or computer to take the survey.
  • The survey offers two languages i.e. Spanish and English, so you should have a somewhat understanding of any of the language.

JCPenney Customer Survey Requirements

  • A customer must have his/her shopping receipt from their recent purchase from JCPenney to enter JCPenney survey.
  • The receipt shall have a 22 digit survey code on it. It is called the Access code on your receipt. It is located either on the top or bottom of the receipt. Make sure to check your receipt before you leave the store.
  • The receipt is valid for the next seven days from the day of your purchase.

JCPenney Customer Survey Steps

  • Go to from your device (laptop, tablet, or mobile)
  • Type in your 22 digit code (access code) that is on your recent receipt from JCPenney.
  • Now you have officially entered the path to win surveys for money (HAHAHA). The survey shall consist of questions related to staff attitude, departmental stores layout or cleanliness, and your recent shopping spree satisfaction (such as did you find what you were looking for?), etc.
  • The scale varies from Highly Dissatisfied to Highly Satisfied.
  • You shall also be given a comment section in which you can give recommendations, suggestions to the store and can also write your full shopping experience. They would love to hear from YOU!
  • When you have finally completed the survey, you shall be presented with the option of exiting the survey and your response would be forward OR you shall be given the option to enter the sweepstakes for that WIN BIG $500 GIFT CARD.
  • If you choose to enter the sweepstakes (obviousl0 then you shall be asked the following, fill out the fields and click next.
    1. Full Name
    2. Email Address
    3. Phone number

JCPenney asks for such information in order to inform you in case you are the winner. So don’t worry, your information is safe.


If you are 100% percent sure that you have entered the JCPenney survey by going to, without making any mistakes, and still it does not let you enter and get enlisted in the chance to win all those freebies, then feel free to contact JCPenney stores and official website. They will love to help you.

How to Take the Survey without Buying Anything?

Now there is a way you can earn a reward/prize without buying much or nothing at all. All you have to do is to share the JCPenney survey link to your friends and family through social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp and ask them to do the same. In this way, you are in for an extra prize which you just get because of sharing the JCPenney Customer Survey. So a win-win situation!

Another way to join the sweepstakes because you simply cannot get enough is to review a product at JCPenney and you shall join the race of winning $500 gift card.

  • You can only review one product at a time.
  • You can review 5 products maximum which means you can have a maximum of five entries that way.
  • You cannot review the same product again.

If you are wondering that there are certain ways or cheat codes to get infinite entries, then you have misunderstood. Unfortunately, you can only enter 5 times in this survey, you will not be able to get the chance to win $500 more than allowed. The system software used by JCPenney software will not allow you to do that. But you can always share receipts with your friends and family if they are willing to do so

And that is all the necessary information we have for the JCPenney survey.

Hurry up and avail this incredible opportunity, to win freebies, just by taking a survey of a few minutes.

We hope that you win big from the store. Adios, and good luck

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