Walmart Survey- How Walmart Receipt is a Chance to Win $1000


There are several reasons for Walmart to be this successful and one of the reasons for those many reasons is the Walmart survey which is offered by Walmart. This www survey walmart com is conducted by Walmart to gain customer’s feedback so that Walmart could make improvements in the areas where it is needed. Filling up the Walmart survey can grant you the chance to win $1000 or a 100$ gift card. You just need to follow some simple instructions.

Survey Prizes for www survey walmart com


Let’s discuss the part you’ve been eager to know about first. Total 5 grand prizes would be granted to the customers of Walmart who will fill the online survey. The prize is of $1000 free walmart gift card to each and the grand prize would be $5000 total for the 5 winners separately. 750 winners will get a $100 gift card and the First price of $75,000 will be granted to 750 winners separately.

So this means that the total prize would be $80,000. You have a golden chance to win the prize just by filling a simple survey of a few minutes. You can’t find a better deal in today’s world.

Details for Prize and Entry in www survey walmart com

Maximum there could be 78 entries in one period for entry. After every 3 months, new winners are selected so if you want to have a chance to win the prize, keep entering the survey. The walmart 1000 gift card survey winners would be informed by the email or phone. Also, the online list will be posted of the winners.

Why take part in this survey?

An easily understood answer to this question is free money. You may have understood by now that Walmart is offering you a chance to win big, through this survey. This is one of the convincing reasons to enter this survey.

However, what is ignored by some people is that by giving your feedback to Walmart, you will help Walmart take problems faced by you at its stores into account. Walmart will then take measures to make your Walmart shopping experience even better. All of us have to visit Walmart at some point in our lives, so why not make it even better. Go ahead and take part quickly, to shop with ease, possibly with free money in your pocket.

The way to take part in www survey walmart com

There are some simple steps that you need to follow if you really want to get the chance to win amazing prizes by taking Walmart Survey. Be sure to read carefully and to follow each and every step correctly, otherwise, you won’t be able to participate.

  • Go and make a purchase from Walmart store. You will be given a receipt, keep it safe with you, so you don’t lose it.
  • Take your laptop; make sure you have a secure internet connection so that you can complete the survey as quickly as possible with ease. A fast internet connection also removes the risk of losing your survey code, although that rarely happens.
  • Go to the website, and select the language that would be best to understand for you.
  • Then you will be directed to the survey page.
  • Read all the questions and answer them based on your experience with Walmart. The answers you give should be utterly honest, your honest opinions matter a lot to Walmart.
  • Once you have completed the survey, you would automatically be registered for the walmart free gift card giveaway. Now it’s time to wait for your grand prize, hopefully, you will be selected, and if not, you can always try again.

Walmart also offers you another way to enter the survey and this you can do without any purchase. You can do this online. Remember that the total number of entries in a single period is 78 and you can enter the walmart online survey after every three months without a purchase to make more chances of winning the prize from the survey. Simply go online and fill the survey questions.

You will be added to the prize list. The home page of the website will ask you to select the appropriate language to take the survey. This way is the most efficient way to enter.

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Rules and eligibility for the www survey walmart com

Following stated are some basic rules and regulations for the people to take part in Walmart surveys for money:

  • The person who is taking part in the online survey must be of age above 18. He must be an adult. Anyone under the age of 18 can always try asking their adults to participate on his or her behalf, who doesn’t want free money after all.
  • He should be a resident of the US.
  • The employees and the staff of Walmart are strictly prohibited to take part in the Walmart Survey.
  • The maximum number of entries is 78 for the three months per person.
  • Selective receipts have survey codes. Walmart doesn’t want to have a lot of surveys and repetitions so it issues survey codes to the selective customers. Fewer people get a repeated chance to take walmart survey to win $1000.

Instructions; Step by Step for www survey walmart com

There are some simple steps for you to take the free walmart gift card survey in a short time with ease and no difficulty. The steps are as follows:

  • Turn on your laptop and open the website on it.
  • Make sure that you have a secure and stable internet connection
  • On the home page of the website, you will be asked to select among the given options of languages. Select the language that is easy for you to understand.
  • You will be directed to the next page and it will display some basic information about the Walmart Survey.
  • Click continues and inputs the zip code of the area of your residence
  • You would also be asked that whether you are an employee at Walmart or not.
  • Enter your birth year to let the server confirm your age.
  • Enter the store number and survey code. Both are mentioned on the receipt.
  • The survey will be started and answer all the questions
  • You would automatically be registered for the walmart survey sweepstakes. Keep checking if the prizes have been announced, and look for your name.

Type of questions

Questions will be asked to you regarding your experience at Walmart, these can be about Walmart’s services, facilities, and even about your experience at Walmart. Now you know what to expect when entering the survey. It is nothing complicated, so you will not face any problems. Don’t forget to give truthful answers to the questions asked.


Some people might experience problems when entering and participating in the survey. This is although very rare, Walmart has a good survey reputation. However, if you do face any difficulties and confusion even after following the steps correctly then do not hesitate to contact Walmart for further help.


Walmart was started in 1950 by Sam Walton who is globally known as the father of Walmart. Walmart was started from an existing store. Mr. Sam bought a store from Luther E. the store was located in Bentonville and after Sam bought it he gave it the name ‘Walton’s 5& 10’. So initially, Walmart was not actually Walmart. That little store became so much success in just the time span of 12 years and after noticing this success, Sam decided to open a branch of Walton’s 5 & 10 under the name Walmart. So Walmart as Walmart was opened in 1962.

He was of 44 years of age when he opened up the first chain store to Walmart.  Till 1968 the chain had expanded outside Arkansas and it was moving fast on success patterns. Walmart was the first retail chain to get this much success and the basic reason for this high rate of growth in a short time was the low prices offered by Walmart at good quality. In 1970, Walmart started working as public and from then till now it is on the continuous success patterns It started with a little retail store and now it is a chain based on 28 countries containing almost 11,000 separate stores.

It is clear that Walmart is highly demanded and there will be growth in this demand. Walmart is generating amazing revenues over the years. One of the reasons for this growth is www survey walmart com. So you’re not only helping yourself by getting a chance to win amazing prizes, but you are also helping Walmart grow beyond imagination. Hurry up and take part in this survey to avail this incredible win-win opportunity.

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